Advertising on an IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) channel is different!

August 2014 update: And we’ve just made it even more different in that; Advertise with SurreyTV & we will add in exposure on Internet Radio. This means – depending on which package you go for – exposure on the radio and the our on-line TV channel. This will include social media so making your marketing spend cover three points of the new media options available in one go! Contact us via Twitter, Facebook orĀ and lets make the festive season 2014 the best in years for you and your business!

Why IPTV? It’s a more personal advertisement and connects directly to the viewer in so much that our viewers choose to come to our website at to see where we have filmed and what we are talking about this week.

Our viewers are mainly Surrey residents and businesses, although we do have a growing international audience and some regular viewers from London! It all means that you will be able to monitor exactly the response you will get from advertising with us because our viewers may well mention seeing you on SurreyTV – especially if they have traveled from outside the county to see you.

If you would like to do something different with your advertising, marketing & PR on our channel, we have a pool of very creative filmmakers associated with us and they are all excited to stretch their creativity by making ads that will really draw attention your product, service or outlet. Most importantly, we don’t have huge overheads; which means that you can do something different and it won’t cost the earth. Advertising on SurreyTV is all about return on investmentĀ  and we want to make sure you get that all important ROI.

contact us at: and one of the team will call you to discuss your objectives.

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